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Things to Know About the Best High-End Airport Concierge Service


Airport wait times, queues at security, check-in, and immigration getting lost in busy airports, stress… yes if you don’t book airssist airport concierge services to make your travel hassle-free and easier, you will suffer all of these difficulties and more at the airport. Explore the specifics of the airport concierge service in this blog to learn just how crucial this service is to every passenger.


What are High-End VIP Airport Concierge Services?


There is airport concierge service and then there is high-end airport concierge service. Countries like Nigeria, Egypt, and Bangladesh are topping the charts in minting high net-worth populations. And this population like luxury service and want to travel the exclusive way. With a rise in people liking unique, tailored experiences over goods, VIP concierge service is becoming popular by the day.



The Different Names Of The High-End VIP Airport Concierge Service


But what exactly are these luxury travel services? Known as VIP Terminal or Private Terminal or Private Lounge in some places, this service is the ultimate way to travel in a commercial airport. VIP Terminal is the best concierge service for travelers in the world.



Where Can You Book It?


Just with a few clicks, the VIP Terminal service can be booked through our airssist booking platform all by yourself.


It’s The VIP Terminal Service Available At All The Airports Worldwide?


Unlike the airport Meet and Greet service, the airport VIP Terminal can only be booked at select 40+ airports around the world. These include major airports like Heathrow Airport, Dubai International Airport, Los Angeles International Airport, both the Paris airports –Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport and Paris Orly Airport, and more.


Where Is It Located?


They are usually located away from the hustle-bustle of the main airport terminal. To know more about the difference between the two terminals Read Public Terminal vs VIP Terminal.


How Is It Similar To Private Jet FBOs?


For the millionaires, the airssist VIP Terminal offers a fierce alternative to Private Jet FBOs. It aims at offering flexibility, personalized service, absolute privacy, and five-star amenities that are available at FBOs around the world. For private jet users flying first class or business class is the best alternative when a private jet charter is unavailable. At the airport, they get the same luxuries of private jet FBOs at VIP terminals for commercial airlines.


How Does It Work?


Personalized door-to-door assistance from your home to the aircraft door is what you can expect from the VIP Terminal. Private suites, limousine transfer, personal assistant completing your airport formalities, complimentary manicure, spa, and more luxuries wait for travelers at VIP Terminals. Read a walkthrough of how the VIP Terminal works for arrival, departure, and transit flights.


What You Should Consider While Choosing High-End VIP Airport Concierge Services


You will surely have a one-of-a-kind experience with airsisst and learn about one of the best VIP airport high-end concierge services ever. Because we care about our client’s comfort and happiness during their travel from A to Z, we can guarantee a high-quality service to satisfy their expectations. Contact us

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