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Harry and Meghan Will Be Using VIP Terminal to Travel to South Africa 

Our favourite Duke and Duchess of Sussex are traveling like commoners for their next trip. Harry and Meghan had recently come under fire for their frequent use of private jetsHarry had used private jet for 6 out of 10 flights since marrying MeghanTo counter the criticism, for the next royal travel they are set to fly commercial. But for them flying commercial doesn’t entail the hustle-bustle of a normal airport terminal.  

The royal couple will obviously enjoy the perks of first-class travel. In addition to it, they will be traveling from Heathrow’s VIP Terminal. VIP Terminal, also called Private Lounge/ Private Suite, is a different world altogether. VIP Terminal is a super upgraded version of airport Meet and Greet. And often is a part of Celebrity travel. It includes exclusive lounges, private entrance/exit, unparalleled comfort, and so much more. It also includes limousine transfer right up to the steps of your aircraft. 

How is this going to work for Harry and Meghan on their first royal tour of Africa?? 

In London, Harry and Meghan will use the VIP terminals at Heathrow Airport. There are only around 43 VIP Terminals in the world. One of the best being at Heathrow Airport.  

A British Airways staff had talked about Harry’s last travel with them. He commented that how Harry got off the plane within 5 minutes of landing. For other travelers, the lights still hadn’t turned on, let alone taking off the seatbelts. 

Harry and Meghan for their Africa trip will be in first class with their guards. The other staff members will be in Business class. Chances are, rest of the passengers will not even know they are traveling with royalty. 

The royal lounge 

Heathrow also has a dedicated royal lounge. This is used by the Queen and senior RoyalsThe Queen being the Queen doesn’t require a passport. Which means there is no passport control for her. Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh also uses the royal lounge. Along with the Queen’s children and their spouses. But they, unlike the Queen, have to go through immigration and security. 

The Next Gen Royals William, Kate, Harry and Meghan don’t qualify for the royal lounge. They usually use the VIP Terminal. On official visit, they are sometimes upgraded to the royal lounge. 

For the South Africa trip, it is decided that Harry & Meghan fly commercial. Speculations are that Duke and Duchess of Sussex might use the royal lounge for their trip. 

VIP Terminal a fierce alternative to FBOs 

The services offered in a VIP terminal is class apart. It offers all the luxuries that you can find in the best Private Jet FBOs. While travelers worldwide use Meet and Greet for their airport journey. VIP terminal is used by celebrities, royalties, and VVIPs all the time.  

Celebrity Travel does not always include private jet. They often use commercial flights too. And when they do no one is hardly aware of their presence in the airport. It is because they use the VIP terminal which offers unparalleled privacy and security. Usually for long-haul flights many A-listers tend to fly commercial. A private jet can easily cost over $100,000While first-class tickets to Cape Town starts from $5000 for return flight. Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s next trip will cost around $10000 for return tickets.  

How does the VIP terminal work? 

If you think Business class or firstclass lounges are par excellence. Then you need to read about the secret world of airport VIP Terminals. These VIP Terminals are usually in a stand-alone building in the airport. Mostly away from the congested main terminal 

If you opt for the VIP terminal, it’s a different airport experience altogether. The VIP terminal will be waiting for you at the end of the steps of the aircraft. From there you will be whisked away to the VIP terminal. In a chauffeured luxury car. You get to skip lines for airport procedures. A dedicated personal assistant takes care of all the formalities for you. While you relax in your own individual suite, with private bathroom, entertainment, and more. 

For the departure service, you can get the choice to decide when you board. You can either board first or go last, depending on what you prefer.  

At many VIP terminals, you even get a personal shopper to assist to with last minutes shopping. There is also a private duty-free area. À la carte services, complimentary wardrobe, manicure, more are other luxuries offered in VIP terminal.  

Harry and Meghan at Heathrow VIP terminal get to enjoy a delicious gastronomic experience. The menu developed by Michelin-starred chef Jason Atherton 

VIP Terminal Incomparable Privacy  

Another luxurious world-famous VIP terminal is at the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). LAX has become a hub of celebrity travel. We can often see our favourite celebrities using LAX. But when using LAX VIP Terminal, they get papped only if they want to. VIP Terminals is known for their unmatched privacy. They whisk away celebrities to their destinations smoothly without any third person knowing about it. Often politicians and celebs opt for helicopter transfer from nearby cities from the Terminal. This way they are out of the city in just few minutes. 

Can only Royalty, Celebs, or VIPs use the VIP terminal? 

The good news is anyone can get access to the VIP terminal. As long as they have the money to spend on luxury and comfort. It can be booked in few simple clicks from airssist. At airssist we often have clients who regularly use the VIP terminal. Especially at Heathrow Airport and Los Angeles International AirportOur clients are usually royalty, celebs, CEOs, and high-ranking government officials. There are also, the rich and elite who doesn’t like the hustle-bustle of the airport.  

Note: Please note that the information on this page is generic & subject to change due to fluctuations in airport services. Kindly confirm service availability with our team, as offerings may vary daily.

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