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Make Your Loved One’s Airport Travel Extra Special with airssist Airport Services 

Traveling for a special occasion? Looking for ideas to make your loved one’s airport journey extra special at the airport? You have arrived at the right place. Whether it is birthday celebration in airport or special airport farewell, with airssist every airport journey becomes unique and memorable. We have already told you different ways to surprise your loved ones at the airport. Today we discuss how airssist can assist you with planning special occasions like birthday, anniversary, engagement inside the airport.  

Book a memorable airport journey for their arrival and departure 

Book airport Meet and Greet  for your loved ones to make them extra special. This exclusive airport service will help you and your loved ones to enjoy a memorable airport ride with the help of a greeter. The Meet and Greet greeter makes your airport experience the best  by fasttracking your airport journey and making it smooth and enjoyable. You do not have to stress about long airport lines, tiring airport formalities, or luggage. One on one assistance will be provided through every step of the way. This way you can make your loved one’s special occasion even more special by offering them the care and attention during their travel. 

The best part is you can book the service all by yourself for anyone you want. Through airssist you can compare different Meet and Greet or Meet and Assist packages. See their rates, the amenities they provide and decide what all you need. We suggest if it’s a special event do check if your Meet and Greet package has access to airport lounge. If not, you can add it as an add on to the selected package. 

Why not go for something more luxurious? 

If you want to go above and beyond for your special someone for their anniversary, birthday, or life event try VIP Terminal. VIP Terminal or Private Lounge is the most luxurious service of commercial airports. 24/4 service personalized assistance, limousine transfer to the aircraft, individual check-in and immigration, private security area, complimentary food prepared by a professional chef, private lounges, meeting room, private car parking, security services, all this and more makes it a one of its kind airport service. 

The best part is you can book the service for you, your family, and friends at airssist in few simple clicks. Although it is available at only selected airports worldwide, the luxury, comfort, and five-star amenities it offers make it a truly exclusive service. If you’re lucky enough to have a VIP Terminal in the airport you or your loved ones are traveling to/from, book it to enjoy the ultimate airport experience. 

Ask your airline for in-flight cake service 

We are going to tell you a secret about birthday celebrations in flights. Do you know airlines often provide service for in-flight celebrations? While with the airport concierge services available at airssist your loved one’s special occasion becomes extra special. You can do something for them during their flight too. Airlines like Emirates and Cathy Pacific offer in-flight cake service for an anniversary, birthday or honeymoon. So do check with your airlines if they can help you with the same. Why stop the birthday celebration in airport, when you can extend it to your flights too.