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Travel management software is used to book trips, manage future trips, track and report last trips. Other key features and uses include automation of corporate travel policies and the ability to integrate travel invoices with vendors.

Travel management software is no longer just for big companies. Small businesses are reaping significant benefits from using enterprise-grade software to book and manage travel, rather than booking on consumer sites and then tracking bills.

There are many tools to help travel coordinators improve their business travel booking process and travel experience in addition to help them analyze their data.


Best 9 Business Travel Management Tools for 2023:


Booking business travel can be a major challenge for employees. They hop from site to site, trying to find the most convenient flights and accommodations within the company’s spending limits.

TravelPerk offers the world’s biggest travel inventory and powerful travel management capabilities which makes it easy for travelers and managers to book trips for themselves and others within guidelines. It also brings a variety of airlines, hotels, trains, and more into a dashboard and mobile app so your team only needs to access to one platform.


airssist provides significant added value to business travelers worldwide as it allows travel coordinators to arrange airport trips and allowing travelers to get through without having to wait in queues, it help arranging integrated travel for employees, executives go through fast track, using airport lounges to get some rest and work in privacy, you can also use personal greeter to help you with airport formalities with Meet and greet service, access VIP terminal, Chauffeured and limo services pick you to hotel and into town with a professional drivers.


With Flightfox network of travel experts that ensure travelers book the perfect experience every time as it Provides an online tool for checking upcoming trips and downloading expense reports.

AirBnb for Work

There are rental rooms that can be used for meetings and conferences, as well as temporary offices that can be rented. AirBnb Experiences can also help you find good team building activities if you’re traveling in a group.

Airbnb for Work doesn’t act as a complete standalone travel management solution, but it does include streamlined payment integration and due diligence to make it safe and easy for business travelers to stay with Airbnb for business travel.



It is a centralized tool that allows team members to book all their trips in one place. It’s like TravelPerk .

TravelBank users can scan air ticket or ground transportation receipts. These are matched against corporate card charges.


Flightlogic provides a bespoke flight and hotel booking engine that streamlines and automates the entire business process. It’s convenient for booking hotels and flights, managing travel plans for individual employees as well as entire teams, and making sure you have the documents you need to continue your trip.


You can record all your purchases and payments on the go. Trippeo will help you find and save your receipts. This is very useful for employees and helps the finance team because the report is submitted correctly the first time.

Users love OCR software from Trippeo as it allows you to email your receipts to a dedicated inbox, where the tool automatically matches your payments. This is much better than the stack of receipts piled up in your office drawer.

SAP Concur

This solution can effectively retrieve travel data from anywhere in the world, regardless of the location booked. It also consolidates all important data into one comprehensive dashboard for easy access and reporting. The software also runs the travel management process in a way that does not justify violating existing travel policies.

This facilitates policy enforcement and ensures employees are reimbursed without delay.


If you are looking for safe, secure travel spending, Spendesk is a great option.

It helps companies track and manage expenses. Businesses can get real-time insight into all expenses that can be easily categorized to help with budgeting decisions.

Spendesk offers a variety of payment methods but are always linked to the same user.They pay online with virtual credit cards and take prepaid expense cards to the streets. Both are in your name, so you always know who is spending, unlike corporate cards.


Enjoy the airport experience in comfort and ease as airssist is a top-rated and award-winning digital marketplace to book airport concierge services around the world, so your corporate employee’s will definitely have a remarkable business trip.

We’re so proud to proclaim that airssist has been nominated for Airport Concierge Services at the World Luxury Awards for the year 2022.