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It’s not just gen Z but all of us are relying on our smartphones and gadgets more and more. And when we talk about vacation, travelers worldwide are resorting to holiday app and trip planning app. With travel apps for booking hotels and flights to apps replacing the need for translation and foreign-language dictionaries . In the flourishing market for travel apps there is an app for everything. And it comes as both android travel app and iOS travel app. But which ones to use? airssist today talks about the best travel apps that you need for trip planning.

Google maps- Navigation App

Google maps have become an indispensable part of our lives. And turns out it is one of the best travel app and navigation too. Whether you want to do a bit of exploring or feel your lost Google Maps is there to your rescue. You can find the best routes to your desired location. And you can tap “Explore Nearby” to look for the best-rated entertainment options, restaurants, and more. While traveling it is advisable to download maps for your location to use it in offline mode too. Google maps is preloaded on android phones and can be downloaded for free on iOS

Skyscanner- Booking App

Skyscanner covers all your booking for you- this includes hotels, flights, transportation, and more. The travel app helps you to find the best deal at the most affordable price. The app searches various travel sites to find you the cheapest option for transportation, hotels, and flights. You get to see the cheapest flight options and the travel app alerts you about any change in price. This is your go-to travel app for trip planning. Available for both android  and iOS.

Google Translate- Translation App

Google has become all of ours best friend providing a solution for everything. The Google Translate app can translate hundreds of languages. And it is available at both android. The trick is to download your desired language when you’re online so that you can use it offline too. This feature helps while traveling as you might not always be connected to internet. There is also the option of instant camera translation where you drift your camera over a text and the app translates it automatically. But this feature is only available for 32 languages. It also resolves the issue of pronunciation with its playback mode. This feature will make the Google Translate app speak the translation for you. These and many more features make Google Translate a must have travel app during your vacations.

Zomato- Food app

During vacation we sometimes encounter the issue of where to eat or what to eat. To discover dining places easily or to look for places with the cuisine you want try Zomato. It is currently available only in 22 countries but is a great travel app to discover places to eat. Countries where Zomato works include US, Canada, Britain, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, India, Portugal, South Africa, Turkey and more. Zomato too is available at both google play store and iOS app store.

Airbnb- Accommodation App

Airbnb might be illegal in quite a few cities but if its available in your travel destination go for it. It often offers a far more authentic experience by allowing you to stay with a local, or in their home. In future Airbnb will become an all-in-one travel app where you can book more than just accommodation for your vacation.

airssist – Trip planning app

airssist app is an online booking platform for airport concierge services. The app like the website is dedicated to enhancing airport travel experience around the world. airssist connects travelers directly with the service providers. The different airport concierge services worldwide can be booked through an uncomplicated online booking experience. The app is user-friendly, and you can easily glide through it to book you’re the airport service you need. Travelers can book the services from the comfort of their mobile, in few simple clicks.