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7 Best Airport Lounges at Miami Airport [MIA]

Miami International Airport

If you’ve ever endured the never-ending struggle at Miami International Airport, then you’d certainly have the need to learn all about getting past that stress. Miami International Airport being the 14th busiest airport for International passengers engages a workforce of 36000 individuals for daily operations. Travelers with children and family as well as busy corporate travelers may find the airport procedures quite overwhelming and would do anything it takes to spend their time at MIA quite comfortably. Making use of the many Airport Lounges at the airport premises along with the Miami Airport Transit Expertise with airssist that can make a huge difference especially if you appreciate personalized assistance. Let’s get started!



All the Airport Lounges at Miami International Airport


The Flagship Lounge

Located near gate D30, the American Airlines’ Flagship Lounge access offers its business travelers an exclusive access to premium benefits and facilities throughout their stay at the airport. Upon receiving your flagship card and WIFI password at the reception counter, you can access the lounge either by elevator or take the stairs. At the lounge entrance you’ll be offered with a glass of  bubbly champagne.

Passengers will have multiple seating options including one with views of the terminal. With the quiet atmosphere around, passengers can truly enjoy some quality time until they wait for their next flight. The main dining area offers an array of options including a carving station with delicious meat varieties, soups and drinks corner, a bar, and a buffet offering a range of salads, and many other tempting dishes to suit different tastes.


Admirals Club

If you’re a frequent traveler and want to take advantage of all those points, you can check out the American Airlines Admirals Club, serving as one of the best airport lounges. Before entry passengers must check in with the front desk and keep in mind to have the required documents such as boarding pass, and any other proof documents they might ask for.

There are two of these lounges at the airport, one in D15 and the other in D30. The Admiral Club offers an interesting layout in both the lounges. With numerous sitting areas, an open bar, different assortment of fruits and cereals, various other meal options including hash browns, bagels, muffins, and more. The shower area allows anyone wanting to refresh before their next flight. With seats offering the plane spotting, it can be a truly amazing getaway during the transit at Miami International Airport.


The Centurion Lounge

Offered by American Express, this lounge is designed thoughtfully with great food and drinks before your next flight. Located in concourse D near gate D12 on the fourth floor, which can be accessed through the elevator or stairs. With verification at the entrance that includes the AMEX card and ID or Passport, passengers can truly indulge in a plethora of VIP amenities during their layovers through the Miami International Airport.

With a long hall of comfortable seating options and many more it’s a true haven for those who’d appreciate comfort over anything else. There’s a phone room designed in the lounge for those who might want to make use of it which is quite interesting (especially if you’re loud on the phone). There’s nothing this lounge lacks, from shower area, a soothing spa, scrumptious meals including many rice options for rice lovers, snacks, drinks to a premium bar at the corner offering various cocktails on request. It’s also allowed to bring a guest for an additional fee.


Military Hospitality Lounge

Located on the concourse E on the second floor, the departure area is an absolute treat offering impeccable goodness throughout. Serving the Miami airport for over 25 years, the military hospitality lounge is one of the airport lounges and the only one that hosts military personnel and veterans along with their families during their transit in the Miami International Airport as they await for their flights to the final destination. The eligible passengers will have access to complimentary WIFI, hot and cold snacks including alcohol, computers, faxing, printers and a lot of recliners for comfort.


Turkish Airlines Lounge

VIP passengers of Turkish airlines can indulge in the premium privileges at the lounge which is located between concourse H & J. You can take the elevator to the third floor and keep following the signs to locate the lounge. Serving as one of the VIP lounges at the Miami International Airport includes a touch of modern Turkish designing. With a maximum capacity of 231, the plush seatings, and the very spacious lounge offers an absolutely amazing time between the flights to relax and rejuvenate.

While one of the seating areas includes a collection of scrumptious snacks and drinks, another seating area offers nice apron views where one can enjoy plane spotting. The amenities include a private corner for any personal calls, a media room, a business center, kids corner, a luggage storage, relaxation room, washrooms, accessible toilet, baby changing areas, shower suite, and flight departure screens. The very tempting buffet spread includes everything from salads, fruits, cheese, yogurt to focaccia, wraps and loaves.


Delta Sky Club

Serving as one of the oldest sky clubs in the network, the Delta Sky Cloub is one of the most visited airport lounges in the MIA airport. The pretty basic sky club in the Miami International Airport offers complimentary drinks while some others which payment may be required. With an incomparable quality of food offerings, Delta club stands high. With the food selection ranging from wonderful soups and other tempting starters to mouth watering main dishes including a variety of curries and meat options.

The rest of the lounge spreads across by dividing into different seating areas offering privacy and comfort at the same time. At the lounge, passengers can expect a soothing shower area, high-speed WIFI, cocktails, and more.



The exterior and interior of the VIP Lounge is rather modern and thus enables the passengers to get everything they need with the help of one of the largest airline holding agents if they stayed in the Lounge just for a short or a long time. Couch area at the entrance provides a reception of airport’s activity and TV for Sports/Entertainment update. Miami International Airport is also large and aesthetically pleasing, it has a layout that formally conveys largeness.

Clean and filled with all required amenities and employees impeccably silent and constantly cleaning the place, optimally ordering and arranging everything. Passengers are capable of indulging in items ranging from cheesecakes and muffins to sourdough and hot meals, the satisfaction of which makes them ready for the next flight. Being a luxurious lounge, it is equipped with spirits in a bar, owes, Wi Fi and much more to make the passengers refreshed. Plane spotting contributes to the entertainment hence the passengers get a chance to relax in a fine environment.


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