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In The Age Of Disruption, How Do Business Travelers Feel?

Flight Disruption

Depressed traveler waiting at airport after flights delays and cancellations

We’re seeing a faster than usual return to travel, which increases the possibility of disruption. Business travelers are dealing with trip disruptions ranging from minor delays to complete cancellations. Let’s find out together how CEOs, Business Executives, and business travelers deal with these issues, whether business travel is still valuable, and what types of delays they’ve encountered. and how they like to obtain help getting back on the road.


What Is Travel Disruption?


Any deviation from the original itinerary of any trip is considered a travel disruption. Flight delays, cancellations, and diversions are examples of disruptors. We must also consider increases in average passenger load, which results in fewer unoccupied seats This translates to a decline in re-booking options over time.


Best Strategies For Dealing With Business Travel Delays


Are you about to board a plane? You will not be alone. March and April are the heaviest flown months for business travel around the world. Here are some tips in case you encounter delays or cancellations. Before you go:


Try To Minimize Disruption


Some of the busiest airports for business travelers are Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD), LaGuardia Airport (LGA), Sao Paulo Congonhas International Airport (CGH), and London Heathrow International Airport (LHR). They also have larger delays, so you may want to fly to other airports if possible.


Prepare The Budget


When it comes to travel delays and disruptions, such as flight cancellation or a lengthy train delay, there are both direct and indirect costs involved.

The following are the three main reasons for these costs:


Transportation And Accommodation Alternatives


If a flight is canceled, you may need to purchase a new ticket, and the day-of-travel fare is often higher than what you would pay for an advanced ticket. In case of an extended delay on the way back, for example, due to a severe weather condition, your traveler may be required to stay an extra night at the destination or near the airport, which involves paying for hotel accommodations.


Daily Expenses


traveler might not be able to leave the destination for a day or two If a snowstorm brings an airport to a standstill. That means extra food and drinks costs. When your company has a large troop on the road, the numbers will add up, and it is worth including in the budget.


Lost Productivity


The loss of productivity is an indirect cost that you might find impossible to estimate.

Here are two main elements to consider:

Remote Working


Younger travelers are often more flexible with working on the road or remotely to their destination, as they often are digital natives. If millennials make up a substantial percentage of your road warriors, lost productivity might be lessened.

If your company promotes remote working and your system is set up for remote workers, it will be easier for your business travelers to stay productive while being stranded in an airport or unable to get back to the home office.

There are affordable and free tools you can use to enable remote working among business travelers:

  • Cloud-based storages
  • Mobile solutions for team communication (like Slack)
  • Video conferencing tools (like Google Hangouts or Zoom)




Travel delays and disruptions can cause stress, which results in lost productivity not only during the extra waiting hours but also while performing the actual business tasks of a trip. By supporting your travelers with rearranging travel options and guiding them through each incident smoothly, you help to reduce stress, and they can focus on their work.


Pick The Right Travel Insurance


As previously stated, some extra charges are covered by insurance. Remember to examine the coverage for non-refundable charges while negotiating the conditions with your corporate insurer.

Some hotel rooms are cancelled with a full refund the day before, while others are not. The latter are frequently less expensive, but they carry a financial risk when travel delays and disruptions occur. You want to know if your travel insurance company will cover these costs, and if so, whether the coverage would be complete or partial.


4 Tips Experienced Business Travelers Use to Beat Flight Delays


They Avoid The Worst Flight


The Transportation Department keeps incredibly detailed records of almost everything that might go wrong when flying, from delays and missing luggage to overbooking and on-board “incidents.” The reports on airline quality performance and chronically delayed flights are both morbid and useful.

Another useful tool is FiveThirtyEight’s interactive function, which displays you which airline will get you to your destination the quickest. It’s the closest thing you’ll get to a guide sheet for determining the exact airports, airlines, and routes that are least likely to cause difficulties.


They Take The Earliest Flight


Every travel disruption has repercussions. Small issues exacerbate as flights are held for connecting passengers and runways become congested.

According to data from AirHelp, a service that helps you get money back if your flight is delayed or canceled, the likelihood of a delay grows as the day progresses. The earliest flights are the timeliest, whereas those departing between 6:00 and 7:00 PM are the most likely to be delayed.


They Set Up Text Message Alerts


Opt-in to receive flight status updates from your airline at the time of booking, then double-check with FlightWise or another travel notification app on the day of your trip.

Even if your flight’s status is displayed as on-time, visit the FAA’s website to view total airport delays. If many other flights are experiencing problems, it could be a sign that yours will as well.


They Can Make Themselves At Home Almost Anywhere


Another strategy for forgetting your worries is sleep. Your gate is likely to be busy with other passengers whose plans have been disrupted, but you might be able to locate a (relatively) pleasant space to rest on the other side of airport security in the lounge.

There are different types of airport lounges available, all aiming at producing a calm environment to finish your work in case of travel disruption. Most have nice seating areas with great views of watching planes taking off and landing enjoy it while airssist team finishes all airport formalities.


How Can airssist Help You?


The idea of airssist, which offers to all kind of travelers extra helps, dedicated airport assistance from the time they arrive until they are at the boarding gate, and everything in between

A meet and greet service provides the most elegant airport arrival/ departure and transit experience. It means that when you arrive at your location, someone will be waiting for you, and you can take advantage of the unique porter service. We will handle your luggage as you navigate the airport.


What Does airssist Offer ??


Meet and Greet for Arrival Flights


  • Personalized welcome with a name board at the start of the arrivals gate or the end of the air bridge (depending on the aircraft parking position)
  • One-to-one assistance
  • Fast-track through the airport formalities including Immigration, Security, and Customs
  • Dedicated porter service
  • Assistance with any unexpected travel-related issues


Meet and Greet for Departure Flights


  • One-to-one assistance
  • Personalized welcome you at the Curbside of the Airport
  • Dedicated porter service
  • Fast-track through the airport formalities
  • Priority check-in
  • Assistance with any unexpected travel-related issues
  • Airport Lounge access
  • Dedicated buggy service


Meet and Greet for Transit Flights / Transfer


  • Airport Lounge access
  • Personalized welcome with a name board at the start of the arrivals gate or the end of the air bridge (depending on the aircraft parking position)
  • Dedicated porter service
  • One-to-one assistance
  • Fast-track through the airport formalities
  • Dedicated buggy service for transfer to the departure gate


VIP Terminal Service At The Airport

You deserve the best airport concierge service, so be greeted by airssist, expedite your check-in, security, and immigration procedures, and travel worry-free with our porter and buggy services. All of these things are available even if you do not fly first class.


  • Private check-in
  • Private aviation security screening
  • Customs and border control procedures
  • Exceptional transport to/from the aircraft
  • Comfortable waiting/rest hall
  • The latest foreign press
  • TV
  • Office services (workplace, copying, printing services, and Wi-Fi)
  • Private meeting room


Airport Transfer Service

We understand that you want to arrive comfortably and on time, and we are the ones to make it happen. We take pride in all of our vehicles and strive to get you to any location in the greater tri-state area, regardless of traffic. To ensure your safe arrival, we devote the necessary time to communication and planning. For further information or to make a reservation please Contact us.




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