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affluent traveler
Since luxury is relative, affluent travelers are those who want special treatment. They like feeling like VIPs, but not having every whim catered to.

Affluent travelers may be defined in three ways; current (annual) household income (more than $250,000), net worth (at least $2 million), and their lifestyle and corresponding attitudes with respect to the quality of travel services and experiences they are seeking (they fly first class and stay in top tier accommodations when they travel)

Interest in the lifestyles and travel habits of Affluent travelers has grown considerably in recent years. This is because these travelers have been responsible for much of the increase in demand for travel services, whether for business or leisure.


Travel Habits

Affluent travelers, not surprisingly, have high expectations with respect to both personal recognition and service. Nine out of ten “enjoy being treated like a VIP” and four out of ten believe the destinations they visit “say a lot about who they are.” They are prepared to pay for quality, however, particularly when it comes to lodging accommodations. And their wealth notwithstanding, affluent travelers are clearly “aggressive shoppers:” seven out of ten (69 percent) consistently “try to get the best prices on the items they purchase,” and only three out of ten (27 percent) “expect the price they pay to reflect the best quality.

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What’s the Difference Between Affluent Travelers and Luxury Travleres?

It’s easy to confuse “affluent” travelers with “luxury travelers” but actually they are simply not the same.

Affluent travelers have annual incomes of $125,000 plus and an average annual income of $217,000 while Luxury travelers (a subset of affluents) are defined as having an average annual income of $224,000.

Although there’s only a $7,000 difference between these two groups’ average incomes, luxury travelers spent 62 percent more on vacations—a household average of just over $10,000—than affluents during the past 12 months.

76 percent of luxury travelers compared to 57 percent of affluents prefer to focus on making memories over acquiring things as Luxury travelers also believe in paying more for the highest-end accommodations and transportation.

Affluent travelers actually take fewer trips per year than luxury travelers, as Affluent travelers may also travel for business, but their desires remain the same. They value efficiency, privacy, and comfort without too much fanfare.


What Are the Most Popular Hotels and Favorite Airlines for Both Luxury and Affluent Travelers?

Hilton and Marriott are The most popular hotel brands for both luxury and affluent travelers . However, significantly more luxury than affluent travelers prefer Four Seasons and Westin.

Their top two airlines are Delta and American followed by UnitedSouthwest and JetBlue.


What Do Affluent Travelers Want from Their Destinations?

Affluent travelers have a sense of adventure, at least to a point. They have the means, so they want to see what the world has to offer. They might go to Bora Bora one year, and then jet off to Greece the next. They want to be excited by exotic vistas and weird local history. They want a place full of options, but not something so structured or so active they can’t just stop and chill from time to time. Of course, that means along with adventure, affluent travelers expect a certain level of comfort.

These folks value their privacy, as their prime motivations when traveling for leisure is to get away from their busy lives. More than 40 percent of these travelers say they “totally disconnect” when they’re away. Of course, for the 53 percent who do keep in contact with their offices, that just means their relaxation time comes at an even greater premium. Those who cater to affluent travelers will want to have amenities available but should not be surprised if they don’t bother with them.


How to Attract Affluent Travelers?

Anyone looking to attract affluent travelers needs to be willing to do some wheeling and no small amount of dealing in order to win this business. They also need to be located in the places these discerning globetrotters like to visit.

Only about a quarter of affluent travelers do not have a valid passport, so they like to travel internationally. Eight out of ten, according to MMY Global, want to visit places they’ve never been before. Additionally, they desire places with gorgeous vistas that allow for relaxing quiet time.

Affluent travelers who are in the millennial generation are the future of the business. More than two-thirds of affluent travelers born between 1981 and 1996 are willing to pay a lot of money for travel services branded as “experiences.” Whether it’s diving at the great barrier reef or hiking in the mountains, these affluent travelers don’t want to just go and sit on a beach somewhere. They want their relaxation to be active, exotic, but also very comfortable.

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Top 5 Destinations for Affluent Travelers


Cabo San Lucas In Mexico

Elites love to flock to Cabo San Lucas for its natural beauty. This Mexican abode is home to Lover’s Beach. True to its name, this stunning beach is nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the isolated Sea of Cortez. This destination is reachable only by boat. It’s exclusive but quite popular among affluent visitors. Casa Fryzer overlooking the sea is an expensive villa, equipped with a swim-up bar and infinity pool. Celebs like Selena Gomez, Jennifer Lopez, Justin Bieber have been spotted here on multiple occasions.

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Lake Como In ItalyLake Como

Dotted with exclusive resorts, charming hillside villages, blue waters, green meadows and colourful flowers, Lake Como is resembles nothing less than a fairytale getaway.  With a thriving local culture and adventure activities like boating and golfing, Lake Como will instantly capture your heart.

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Bora Bora In French Polynesia

The crown jewel of French Polynesia, Bora Bora is surrounded by sand-fringed islets and a blue lagoon, protected by a coral reef. This island is known for scuba diving and guest bungalows perched over the water on stilts. Mt. Otemanu, a  dormant volcano is nestled in the centre of Bora Bora.

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St. Moritz in Switzerland

St. Moritz in Switzerland is One of the most highly acclaimed ski destinations on the planet, St. Moritz is located in the Albula Alps and was the first place to boast both the first ski lift and the first electric light

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Hvar in Croatia

Croatia is one of Europe’s gems that many travelers still haven’t added to their bucket lists. With more and more people flocking to see Dubrovnik after the coastal city was made popular by the HBO series Game of Thrones, it seems that the upper echelons prefer the island of Hvar.

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