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You might be an explorer, or taking a vacation with family, or business traveler.  Traveling in the new high-tech world is incomplete without your favorite gadgets and travel tools. Like Meet and Greet is to airport journey, travel tools and travel gadgets are to modern travel. They make your life stress-free and make your travel an exciting and memorable experience. From your camera to capture the insta-moments to solar powered power bank to recharge your accessories, we bring you a list of the top 5 ultra-tech travel tools and travel gadgets for your next trip. 

Struggling with the local language is a thing of the past 

Worried about how you are going to communicate in a foreign land? For the much-needed peace of mind carry a real-time translator so that language never hinders your exploring. With so many real-time translator devices available in the market, we recommended The Pilot system. Bored Panda calls it as a groundbreaking device which allows you to understand foreign languages through real-time in-ear translation.  

In the airport, you never have to worry about this if you opt for airssist Meet and Greet. Your multi-lingual Meet and Greet greeter will help you navigate your airport journey smoothly and quickly. 

Use the Sun to charge your phone 

Mobile battery off and so is the power bank? With solar power never let your mobile battery max out. You no longer have to rely on the electric power source to charge up your phone. Solar power bank requires just UV rays to charge up. You can relax on the beach recharge yourself while your phone is being charged too. The independent offers you 8 amazing options to select from

At airports this you don’t have to worry about charging points by getting access to airport lounge. airssist Meet and Greet offers you not just a quick airport travel but a relaxing one with access to airport lounge. Read about the 5 reasons why you should use an airport lounge

Get over a camera, drones have become an explorer’s best friend  

Drones have become one of the most popular travel gadgets in today’s world. Helping travelers immortalize their moments and adventures. One of the best drones the DJI Mavic Pro should be in your shopping cart for planning your next adventure.   

Travel with the adapter of adapters- All in One Universal Power Adapter  

One of the most popular travel gears is a power adapter. When traveling for work you needs to plug your devices to work. On business travel we often see power socket differing from region to region. This always creates an issue. Worry not! we have found the perfect adapter for you, compatible with sockets in over 200 countries, available on Amazon. Looking a smaller version? Try this cute edition by Compass Rose Travel Accessories.  

Every traveler might have his/her own pick of travel tools and gadgets before embarking on a new trip. When planning your trip, make sure you have these 5 ‘constant travel’ essentials for you. Having all these products on your next travel will surely make things extra convenient for you. Want to know more tips for your trip? Check out the travel packing checklist to make sure you have all the stuff you need for your travel. 

Couldn’t find your favorite travel gadget on the list? We would love to hear about your travel essentials. 

To upgrade the level of your travel experience don’t forget to add airssist’s Meet and Greet, making it an airport journey to remember.