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How to Plan an Amazing Budget Travel Vacation? 

Traveling on a tight budget? If you think budget travel means a lot of compromises, then think again. With proper planning budget travel is easily achievable. And that too without sacrificing or compromising. Budget travel is one of the tops things that travel influencers often talk about. 

Budget travel might sometimes lessen your choices. But with proper planning you can easily get cheap travel deals. If you’re reading this article, then obviously you’re looking for cheap travel hacks. And we are here to help you! airssist will discuss affordable tour plans and how to get good holiday deals today. By telling you the dos and don’ts of budget travel. 

Affordable accommodation for cheap travel 

One of the things you can cut down is your hotel stay. You can always find good travel deals on Airbnb. Lodging alternatives can help you save a lot on your travel. For solo travelers you can always stay at hostels. 

Always try local foodWhen in Rome eat as the Romans 

In normal life we don’t usually get to try new cuisines. So, when youre traveling always try different cuisines. Go for local street food. This way you not only get the authentic flavor but a nice atmosphere too. 

Look for places with free entries 

Hidden gems often come with free admission. You can try churches and museums. Museums usually have a small admission fee. Opt for walking tours. This is a great way to save and discover a new place. 

Finding Cheap Travel and Holiday Deals 

The right season to travel  is very important when looking for travel deals. Traveling during off-season means cheap travel tickets. For affordable tour plans the transition time is perfect. Which means just before of after the peak season.  

Also, if you haven’t zeroed down the destination, check Forbes’ Best Budget Travel Destinations 2019 

Try to look for the cheapest plane tickets 

With budget airlines and travel deals, flying on budget travel has become so easy. You need to be flexible with your travel time and travel day. Flights on weekend are usually expensive, you need to avoid those. 

 For frequent travelers joining airlines reward programmes is a must. Sometimes, you might have to travel for a higher fare. Because your reward programme airlines is offering tickets on a high price. But eventually it will pay off. With airlines reward programme, you can not only get free upgrades. But if you have enough miles you stand a chance to get free tickets too. 

Get Lounge access at airports 

Airport lounges are the best and you can even save money by it. Yes, you read it write. Calculate the cost of food, wi-fi, amenities and all with the airport lounge cost. You can even get free airport lounge access with some Meet and Greet packagesWhen you book Meet and Greet from airssist . Look for packages with airport lounge access. 

Cook your own food 

Eating outside every day is expensive. While cooking on a vacation seems dull and dreary. By cooking at least one meal a day during you can save a lot. Cooking for yourself is a travel budget hack that helps with affordable tour plans. 

Look for alternative airports 

Many cities in the world have more than one airport, like Paris. When in UAE, you can try Sharjah International Airport instead of AUH  or DXBYou can score cheap tickets by traveling to an alternative airport. Rather than traveling to the one you have planned. But make sure to see the cost from getting to and from the airport. 

With the right attitude, a little bit of flexibility, and planning budget travel is easy-peasy! 

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