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3 Ways to Ensure That You Never Miss Your Meet and Greet Service 

Your greeter is the key to expediting your whole airport journey smoothly and in the most hassle-free way possible.

Are you worried that you might miss your greeter at the airport? At airssist, we have often encountered travellers who sometimes feel it a hard task to find their greeter. Worry no more, as today we let you know ways which will ensure that you never miss your greeter.

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Where will you find your greeter?

For your arrival and transit flight, your airssist greeter will be waiting for you at the end of the aerobridge or at the start of the arrival gate (depending upon the aircraft parking). For your departure flight, the greeter will meet you at the at the Curbside of the Airport.

Look for your name board

Your airssist Meet and Greet starts with a personalized welcome, which means your greeter will be carrying a board with your name on it. All you’ve to do is look for the person carrying it.

They would be in a uniform or in formals

A pro tip, to find your greeter amidst an array of travelers, is to look for someone in an uniform or formal clothing.

It is because of the courteous and professional airssist greeter and their knowledge of the airport that your airport passage is quick, stress-free, and becomes a pleasant experience. Now you always know where to find them too. To know more about airssist and its different airport concierge service or to request a native greeter for your next trip, contact us today.